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Privacy notice

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Privacy and Security of Your Personal Information

Lazybugz records some of your personal information (name, surname, age, e-mail, etc.) in the database in order to serve you better. The information received is used in activities such as campaign organizations, special offers for you, special promotional applications. No information you share with us during membership will be shared by our company or third parties. This information you provided will be used to ensure that information about your orders reaches you quickly and safely. Only you can access and change all the information you provided while becoming a member. If there is a change about your personal information, you can make the necessary updates from My Account section. If you protect your member login information securely, it is not possible for others to access and change information about you.

Credit Card Security

The security of credit card holders who shop with credit cards on our site is of high importance to us. Information about the credit card used during shopping is encrypted with the Secure Encryption System (SSL) protocol, regardless of the site, and sent to the relevant bank for questioning. Since no information about the card can be viewed and recorded by us, third parties are prevented from obtaining this information under any circumstances.

Email Security

Never write your credit card number and password in the e-mails you will send to our Customer Service about your order. The information contained in e-mails can be seen by third parties. Our company cannot guarantee the security of the information transferred from your e-mails under any circumstances.

Cargo Package Privacy and Security

The cargo package is prepared by the ordering department, which will not be obvious when viewed from the outside. Cargo content will be defined as automotive spare parts. The cargo officer will not know the contents of the package.

You are important to us.